Breeder Services

Breeding/Boarding Fees

  • We board temporarily those alpacas we have sold or females that are here to be bred.  Length of free board will depend on the individual contract. In general, our contract for our stud services and/or purchased alpacas includes free board for 60 days (depending on the contract terms).
  • For those alpacas requiring a longer stay than is specified in their  contract, our boarding charges are $3/day per animal with discounts for additional animals.”
  • Boarding includes routine herd health such as dectomax/ivermectin treatment, fecals, deworming per fecal analysis, dental, and toenail trims, blood draws and simple analysis and ultrasounds.
  • Diagnostic and/or therapeutics performed by a veterinarian are charged at the same rate charged to us.
  • Shearing services are available for an additional charge.
  • We can also birth out your females should there be a need. The charge is $150 for the day of birth. This includes an IgG, microchip, DNA blood card, colostrum (if needed) and immunizations for the dam. No extra charges for activities that can be performed by our staff. Additional charges if veterinary care is required.

Campeon EmpireAlpaca Shows

Transportation to your farm is included in many alpaca purchases. We can help you with transportation to shows. Set up next to our stalls and take advantage of priority stalling where you will be up close to the traffic and ring set ups – a real bonus for those alpacas reluctant to walk to the ring.