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More Alpaca for your Lincoln!

If a buck can get you a bang, can a Lincoln get you an alpaca? It can at Long Acres Alpaca Farm. We've redone our Farm Tour!  New and improved...bigger and get the picture.  Or you will once you stop by and tour our farm.  Farm tours are every Monday, beginning with the Sunday of Daylight Savings Time, and they run through the end of the year.We welcome groups and individuals and we are handicap friendly and will cater to your abilities.  No reservations ever!

Now here's what you can expect (and frequently you will find the unexpected)!

  • The Guest House at LAAF--learn, see, and feel fibers from MANY sources, including plant, animal and man-made, watch demonstrations on how we turn raw fiber into amazing products, and grab a free sample of alpaca fiber to take home!
  • Center for Criation--our next stop will be at the mom, baby (cria) and yearling barn where you will be in full alpaca overload, surrounded by moms and crias inspecting us humans, nibbling on our shoes, and showing off for visitors!
  • Ladies Lounge--the third stop is the barn where most of the females are bred/pregnant and not so anxious for our company....sorry, but that's female hormones!
  • Boy's Barns--always fun as the boys have two things on their mind....females and food, in either order!
  • Sneak a peak at the Angora Rabbits living in Bunny Bungalow!
  • Pachallina--it's back to The Guest House at LAAF where depending on the time of year, you will be able to shop either our complete shoppe inventory (September through December) or a select portion of our products (January through August)!

And all of this for $5 per person!  We've increased our price for tours and we believe it is well worth spending a Lincoln!  Click here for tour times and more information!