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We have created a MONSTER!

Be careful what you create!  We, the alpaca community, have created the MONSTER that is drawing a great deal of attention.  The monster is PET ALPACAS and the problem is uneducated owners.  Oh, but we have educated them.  

We have sold them as pets
We have created facebook groups called alpaca pets
We have posted alpacas dressed in pet costumes
We have taken them to stores and events
We have video taped them doing tricks
We have trained them to play games
We have brought them into our homes
We have compared them to dogs
We have taken them through the drive thru
We have created a sales market that promotes more alpaca caricature than alpaca product.
We have created a market that knows more about the alpaca than about alpaca products.  

We have no one to blame but ourselves.  Alpacas are livestock.