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Alpaca Farming A to Z--Make It a Weekend Get-Away!

Alpaca Farming A to Z!

Fall 2017--Date TBA

The Guest House is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis for A to Z Workshop Participants who will need overnight accommodations on the above dates. Stay the weekend and experience alpaca farming!

There's a lot to talk about! This seminar/workshop is a great way to get hands on experience with alpacas. Come and spend the morning "on the farm" learning all about raising alpacas. From toe nail trimming and giving shots to birthing crias to halter training to building a barn and designing pastures! You will spend three hours working on the farm. Always fun and always something different!

In the past, people have attended for a wide variety of reasons including everything from simple curiosity to a desire to purchase fiber/pet males or to get into the alpaca livestock business. No matter what the reason, we're sure you will find these events both entertaining as well as educational. Dress comfortably as we will be outside with the alpacas! Call us at 717.491.0036 or EMAIL for more information. All sessions are on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 noon. Group size is limited. Free but registration required.