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Only two weekends left to SHOP Pachallina!

Our storefront in downtown Mercersburg relocated when the building sold and is under new management. So as we close that door, literally, we are excited to open another.

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Alpaca Farming A to Z--Make It a Weekend Get-Away!

The Guest House is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis for A to Z Workshop Participants who will need overnight accommodations on the above dates. Stay the weekend and experience alpaca farming!

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Pseudolivestock ˈso͞odō/ ˈlīvˌstäk/ noun, bogus farm animal

We started in the alpaca business in 2005, just as the prices were beginning to surge and the excitement was building at the auctions.  Alpacas sold like candy and we would feel sorry for the poor sole that sold their lot for a measly $12,000. 

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Oh so close!!! PAOBA Registration OPEN(-ing)!

PAOBA is so close to opening registration for the PAOBA Breeders Showcase 2016!  Just a few tweaks to the NEW PAOBA WEBSITE and we'll be ready to go.  Look for registration to open hopefully by tomorrow at his time....that 's 2:00 PM EST and 8:00 AM for those lucky enough to be be in Honolulu!  We know there will be many procrastinators but one thing you don't want to wait to do is register for the 2016 Spin-Off.   The deadline for postmarked Spin-Off Entries is SEPTEMBER 5, 2016 which...

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Memberships -- Getting Your Money's Worth

Recently, there was a question proposed by AOA to increase/change the levels of membership.  Some examples floated around were fleece memberships, youth membership, and a vendor membership.  Below is a Facebook group post by two of our current AOA Directors, Shauna Brummet and Laurel Shouvlin (April 17, 2016).

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An Open Letter to FFA Members by Beau Barrilleaux

Wow....what a powerful letter...applicable in so many aspects of life but most greatly appreciated as I look around at the many positive changes taking place in the US alpaca industry. Get involved....there are many good things on the horizon...

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Alpaca Youth Halter Class--A Proposal

Looking around at the participants at the AOA National Show was an eye opening experience...we're not getting any younger, literally and figuretively! Not only is the average age of the alpaca farmer or rancher slowly creeping up, but there are relatively few young owners and breeders getting into the business.

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Wear Your PJs for the PAOBA Membership Meeting!

Here's how your can ATTEND the PAOBA MEMBERSHIP MEETING and be a COUCH POTATO at the same time!

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The Naked Shearer vs PETA

The farmers and ranchers I know treat their livestock with the upmost respect AND the animals live in far better conditions and eat better than most people in Third World Countries.

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Business Planning for Alpaca Farmers

This is the conference you'll want to attend if you're interested in making your alpaca business a successful enterprise. This weekend conference is packed with great information plus individualized attention to your program during break out sessions.  Regardless of the size of your operation, come ready to learn and network and leave refreshed with a new dimension! Read the newsletter.

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