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Joint Abnormalities in Newborn Crias

Cria Season 2015 is almost done....Cella Doro birthed out this beautiful male cria recently. However, he has Congenital/Acquired Joint Angulation Deformities.

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Score -- Alpacas 1 vs Cashmere Goats 0!!!

Let's hope alpaca fibers don't fall victim to the same pathway as the cashmere goats.  Each are unique animals with their own set of issues.  Although I must say I'm partial to alpaca!!!

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So Does This Mean We No Longer Need To Clean Fields!?!?

Interesting read about intensive farming practice and the reduction in atmospheric carbon and improvement in soil quality.  Perhaps that communal dung pile is not such a great idea! LOL

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The Guest House at LAAF is OPEN!!!

The Guest House at LAAF opened over Memorial Day weekend. We welcomed our first guests from the Lancaster area. Their daughter was celebrating her 10th birthday and her birthday wish was to visit an alpaca farm.

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First cutting hay

Perfect weather for making hay last week.  This first cutting hay is perfect.  Mike has already fertilized so we will hopefully have just as much if not more for the second cutting.

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New E-Commerce site soon!

Busy preparing for our next undertaking....Pachallina will be switching E-commerce sites. We've applied and been selected to participate in Shoptiques! Shoptiques is a unique shopping experience where you can explore and shop fantastic boutiques from across the world! Sorry, no mass produced merchandise permitted!!!

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Alpacas: Loveable Lawnmowers No More

Food....or rather Fiber......for Thought! Are we up to the challenge? A Commercial AND Cottage fiber market is vital to the survival of the alpaca livestock industry in the US. With just a 30 plus year history in the US, we've seen successes in the cottage industry. But are we committed enough to the alpaca fiber to make the commercial side into a viable industry. Or do we prefer the animal and the competition???

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It’s a wrap: Alpaca wool hits the runway

Look out cashmere, there’s a new luxe fiber warming everyone up. And it’s fair trade, too.

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The Story Behind Loro Piana’s Extremely Well-Bred Wool Jacket

12 Micron from Sheep!!!  That's less than Vicuna.  The Gift of Kings Wool.

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The New Breed of High-Performance Wool Clothing

WSJ November 14, 2014 This article about innovative American brands of wool includes one of the brands we carry at Pachallina, Rambler's Way!

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