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E Books

Below is a listing of Ebooks for our workshops.  Register for one of our workshops and you will receive a password to access the information and download it to your computer.  Your Ebook is available anytime.

AEGW Business Planning for Farmers and Ranchers 2019 

This session is the first weekend getaway in our education series.  We thought it was a good idea to identify our farming business plan and goals before we start buying, birthing, shearing, and all those fun things!  Here's where you are going to need your thinking cap because we will challenge you to think outside the box and hopefully, we will set you off on your journey to find your niche.  This business planning session is more than filling out a form.  It's a series of exercises designed to make you look at your identity, offering, strategy as well as goals, target audience, likes/dislikes, and support systems.  Our goal is to have you put together a "lean" business plan and commit to using it.   Below are just a few of the topics.  Oh, I might mention that one person will

WIN a Free Manure Management Plan!

  • Self-exploration of business personality and character
  • Create identity, offering and strategy
  • Perform SWOT analysis
  • Develop a "Lean" Business Plan
  • Learn Basic Electronic or Pen/Paper Bookkeeping 
  • Establish method for changing business plan to strategic plan

AEGW Breeding, Birthing, and Cria Care 2019

This second session is always a favorite one and registration fills up quickly.  We know that 95% of the time, breeding and birthing is problem free.  However, learning how to prepare yourself for that small percentage of time that something can go wrong is time well spent.  Sure, there will be a wet lab, but we have added a few modifications to make your experience more realistic.  Plus birthing the cria is but one small, albeit an important, aspect of raising alpacas.  Breeding problems happen and keeping good records and understanding hormone cycles will go a long way in helping you and your veterinarian solve those problems.  Failure to Thrive can be a nightmare to correct and preventing this cria problem is much easier than treating it.  PLUS every registration (one per farm)...


  • Discuss normal breeding cycles & behavior testing
  • Learn about hand breeding and field breeding
  • Describe common breeding problems
  • Identify dystocias and when to intervene
  • Learn how to correct dystocias and when to call the veterinarian
  • Explain postpartum cria care 

Describe cria care during its first year of life and more!

AEGW Harvesting Your Take--Shearing 2019

The Shearing Weekend is for those that want to learn how to harvest the reaps of their labor!  There are pros and cons to learning this skill.  Obvious advantages are control over your shearing schedule and cost savings over the long term.  However, shearing is a learned skill that requires much practice.  It can also cause injury to humans and animals alike, especially if you haven’t been properly trained.  Learn how to shear your herd safely and you can

Bring up to 4 animals to be shorn!

  • ​Learn how to shear your animals safely
  • Perform shearing station setup
  • Identify shearing goals
  • Describe how your pasture affects your harvest
  • Identify ways to get your harvest into the supply chain
  • Learn accurate record keeping and more!

AEGW Fiber Immersion 2019

If you are in the alpaca business, you better know your primary end product—FIBER!  Far too often we rely solely on objective measurements to make critical decisions or to evaluate alpaca fiber.  Although it’s imperative to perform these tests, it is equally important to use our tactile and visual senses to evaluate fleece.  Learning a method for fiber evaluation is the first step to improving your ability to evaluate fiber. You can also…

Bring 10 Fleeces for Evaluation

  • Learn about Grading, Sorting & Classing
  • Identify options for fiber uses
  • Learn about Walking Fleece
  • Describe fiber testing & methods
  • Discuss skin biopsy results
  • Discuss EPD programs and more!


AEGW Healthy Herd 2019

It’s not the size of the herd that determines the workload.  Rather it’s the health status of the animals, the efficiency of the setup, and the ability to handle animals properly that affects the work.   Learn how to run an efficient, healthy farm!​

  • Perform a fecal evaluation
  • Conduct a physical exam, 
  • Identify illnesses and interventions
  • Learn common on farm procedures 
  • Improve alpaca handling
  • Evaluate farm setup and much more!​