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Alpacas for Sale

We maintain a herd of between 100 and 130 huacaya alpacas, many of which are for sale. Needless to say, our herd is considered large as we have over 50 breeding females!  With a herd of this size and new ones arriving regularly, many are never listed for sale on our website. We would be happy to discuss our program and alpaca and breeding sales, and packages.  As we are primarily in the reproduction branch of the livestock industry, we focus on ever increasing our consistency WITHIN our herd.  What this means is that we are continually working on our alpaca BRAND...and that translates into a better opportunity for you to get what you want should you buy an alpaca from us.

We are starting our 5th generation of breeding within our herd.  Many of our alpacas have 4 generations of our foundation female to herdsire genetics entrenched in them.  We can pretty much predict the outcomes from our breeding program.

We will sell some of our breeding alpacas to perspective breeders that are interested in establishing a breeding program, reproduction herd or fiber males. We primarily work to replace our stock as needed and we stay away from selling alpaca futures.  

We welcome you to visit our farm.  We have The Guest House at LAAF that will make your stay enjoyable and rememberable.

Our goal in breeding alpacas has been to develop and refine a program that is uniquely identifiable and with measurable goals.  We are a replicator farm which means that our goal is to produce livestock that is as consistent as possible in terms of phenotype and fleece characteristics and to hopefully improve this with each generation.  We focus on high predictability that each generation will become more consistent and our alpaca sales include both breeding stock and fiber animal stock.   Inherent in these goals is top quality fleece and animal husbandry excellence as measured by all herd statistics. We offer alpacas in every color and ranging from Championship winners to well-managed fiber animals. We are avaiable via phone, email, or text to answer your questions and are happy to give you a tour of our farm and show you our herd.

We'd prefer to discuss your business goals with you prior to introducing our available stock.