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Farmer Services

Alpaca Education

We have retained a group of 30 or so alpacas on our farm available for hands on workshops...everything from shearing to alpaca handling to physical assessment to alpaca behaviour and dynamics.  Individualized to meet your needs.  Conversely, we have housing if you want to bring your own alpacas for assessment and/or assistance in their care.  We work closely with our trusted veterinarians, Link Associates, Union Bridge, MD

Start Up Package

We can help you with learning the alpaca business and many of the herd health management issues, as well as basic farm setup. We offer a wealth of knowledge and referral sources to get your operation up and running. Capitalize on our experience and, equally important, our mishaps in setting up barns and pastures. Learn what we like and what we’d change.


Alpaca Herd Management

Reading through the massive amount of literature available today on how to take care of your alpaca herd can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never raised livestock or been in the medical profession. Over the years, I’ve been suspicious that many “illnesses” we see in our alpaca herds are a product of our herd management.

This service offers travel to your farm, a one-day evaluation of your herd practices and care, and a written evaluation with recommendations.

Cost depends on location and travel expense. Call 717.491.0036 or email [email protected] for details.

Business Planning

This consultant service came about out of two of my observations from within the alpaca farming community.  First, most alpaca owners have never owned their own business.  Second, most alpaca owners have never farmed or raised livestock. Most take on a farming livelihood as a second career or as a stepping stone to retirement.

In light of the above observations, I realized the need to help potential and even current clients write and enact a business plan and most importantly, put it into a format that is measurable and evaluated objectively. A strategic schema is not a once and done task. Rather it is an ongoing roadmap that will hopefully guide you to a successful business venture or perhaps it will reveal to you the necessity of approaching alpaca farming as a hobby rather than a business.

This service is available for current and new clients (starting at $500).