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AEGW Healthy Alpaca Herd Weekend

Healthy Alpaca Herd Weekend
October 5 & 6, 2019
Long Acres Alpaca Farm

It’s not the size of the herd that determines the workload.  Rather it’s the health status of the animals, the efficiency of the setup, and the ability to handle animals properly that affects the work. Learn how to run an efficient, healthy farm!

Learning Objectives:

  • Perform technical skills such as a fecal evaluation and blood draws
  • Conduct a physical exam and procedures solo
  • Discuss illnesses and interventions through case studies 
  • Improve your alpaca handling techniques
  • Health maintenance such as proper nutrition and herd stress reduction
  • How to work with your veterinarian
  • Improve farm setup and much more!
  • Location Long Acres Alpaca Farm
  • Cost $200 per person/$250 for 2 people from the same farm
  • Lunch & Continental breakfast included
  • Dinner and accommodations not included
  • Accommodations--Call Sarah for details
  • Limited class size

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