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Alpaca Owner Gift Giving Idea Book 2017

WARNING:  The following is for adult audiences with a warped sense of humor!

For the alpaca owner that is “hard to buy for,” we’re making it a bit easier this year (hopefully).  Here it is, the uncensored Alpaca Owner Gift Giving Idea Book 2017!  All of the products in the catalog have undergone extensive scrutiny in our field laboratory.  Special thanks to our Guest Contributors Jill Schooley and Coby Brooksher, who work tirelessly in our R & D Lab.  It’s serendipitous that there are eight items in this year’s catalog, a convenient package for Hanukkah! Enjoy the Holiday music while you drool over the merchandise.  Bitcoins accepted here!


On a serious note, thank you to the many persons and groups that are doing incredible work in our alpaca industry.  Most specifically, thank you to Imperial Yarn for getting our alpaca collection into production with the creme de la creme being inclusion in Ralph Lauren’s sweaters for our USA Winter Olympians and AOA for their marketing efforts and most recently the US Alpaca Brand Campaign. The redirection of our organization and your efforts do not go unnoticed.