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Introducing Human Grade Dog Food

Canine Cuts

Our newest product is now available for purchase. Introducing Human Grade Dog Food--ground alpaca meat sold in one pound packages.  This is the same ground alpaca meat we humans consume--if it's good enough for humans, it's good enough for our canine friends and working partners.   Sold in one pound packages for $4.50 per pound.  Pick up at the farm.  Other meat cuts available soon.

No additives
No Preservatives
No medications
Grass-fed alpacas
Free grazing
We follow USDA guidelines for humane slaughter treatment on our farm

If you'd like to read and learn more about our meat operation, please click here.  Alpaca meat is not a primary end product because of a variety of reasons.  It is however, the result of purposeful breeding and fiber selection programs and it is critical to most successful commercial livestock operations.  We respect those who decide not to cull, just as we hope you will respect our decision to cull our herd responsibly.