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Our Farm Through a Ten Year-Old's Eyes

My nephew wrote the below story for school.  I'm glad he left out the part about riding in the pickup spitting out sunflower hulls!

Aunt Sarah’s farm, a wonderfully stunning place, feels like a marvelous open range. I just love the jaw-dropping beauty of the valley from the farm. I love that there is always something to do there. I think our dog, Jayda, feels the same way I do because she always starts to yelp and whimper obnoxiously when we start driving up the lane. 

We had dropped Jayda off early that day, so we could go to the RV show in Hershey. We were coming back from the show to pick up Jayda. When we walked onto the screened in porch we saw Aunt Sarah’s dog Bodacious play fighting with Jayda. Bodacious is a white Great Pyrenees who is massive. He has a bunch of white fluffy fur, although a lot of times he is caked with mud so his belly fur looks brown. They were jumping and pinning each other. I saw a grin on Jayda’s face. Bodacious looked like a train running in a straight line charging at Jayda. 

Aunt Sarah walked onto the porch and sat down on a chair. Aunt Sarah has short blond hair,and she usually wears her old dirty brown Crispi boots. She has some bailers twine wrapped around her boots because she broke the laces on them. Then, Aunt Sarah wanted to take her tractor, an orange Kubota, down to vehicle barn. It is a fairly small tractor that has a radio inside the cab. Aunt Sarah said, “I have to take the tractor down to the barn. Do you want to ride with me?”  I said, “Sure!” I like riding on it with her. We climbed up into the tractor and went to the vehicle barn. It was a very bumpy ride. It made me feel like popcorn being popped.

Since we took the tractor down to the barn, we were stuck by the vehicle barn and we had no way to get back to the farmhouse. We needed to get back to her farmhouse. Aunt Sarah said, “Why don’t we take the red four wheeler up to the farmhouse! Would you like to drive?” I said, “I would love to!” I had never driven one before. It was fun to drive. It felt like riding on an elephant because at was fast, but bumpy. But, I didn’t learn how to shift, so we started out on gear 3 which allows the 4 wheeler to move faster. 

Whenever I leave the farm I feel blessed. I think everyone should have a place like Sarah’s farm. I know I will go back soon when I leave. I have had many adventures there. Whether we are walking the dogs or feeding her alpacas, I always have a blast no matter what we do. That is the joy of Aunt Sarah’s farm.