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Testimonial From a Sheep and Alpaca Farm Owner

"Sarah literally saved my alapaca's life. We got our amazing fiber alpacas from her in 2017 and she has been a mentor and friend, helping us with questions and issues that have come up. But when I saw one of my alpacas acting oddly, she came to our farm to check on him. It turned out he had m-worm and her quick recognition of it, giving us meds from her own supplies until the vet could come out the next day, and constant support saved his life. I could never express my gratitude enough for her kindness, knowledge, and care. 

Sharing her knowledge freely is simply how Sarah operates. Her classes are always useful (I really enjoyed her Shearing School, where I learned so much!) and she builds community with her students. Her Guest House and farm are beautiful, a restful and quiet environment to relax or to learn. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sarah Donahoe is the bee's knees!"