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Oh so close!!! PAOBA Registration OPEN(-ing)!

PAOBA is so close to opening registration for the PAOBA Breeders Showcase 2016!  Just a few tweaks to the NEW PAOBA WEBSITE and we'll be ready to go.  Look for registration to open hopefully by tomorrow at his time....that 's 2:00 PM EST and 8:00 AM for those lucky enough to be be in Honolulu!  We know there will be many procrastinators but one thing you don't want to wait to do is register for the 2016 Spin-Off.   The deadline for postmarked Spin-Off Entries is SEPTEMBER 5, 2016 which unfortunately is just around the corner.  We apologize for the limited time to get your 2 ounces samples in to the Spin-Off and that it won't keep you from entering the Spin-Off Show.

The Spin-Off is also part of another competition, the Cottage Fleece Competition!  The Cottage Fleece Competition places minimal value on overall fleece weight and it's a great way to showcase fleeces with other attributes. Click here to read information about the Cottage Fleece Competition from Margie Ault, AOA Show System Administrator.

Speaking of the new PAOBA website, a big round of applause to Kimberly Kline, Havenfield Farm, AOA Director and Adam DeSio, Desio Studios for creating the new PAOBA website.  They started this project just a few months ago and as of yesterday, the new PAOBA website is LIVE!  Stay tuned as the site continues to improve, expand, and provide our members and customers with hopefully a useful platform for all.  Go to www.PAOBA.org.

Lastly, we've created a Facebook PAGE and we invite all to visit and Like!  You'll still find our PAOBA and PacaGames groups and all are welcome to join!