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The Story of the Hammerum Girl--Many Alpaca Owners Make Clothes in a Similar Fashion!

This is a great video of the reconstruction of the Hammerum Girl's dress.  Just outside the town of Hammerum, Denmark, there is a burial ground with seven graves that were established in the Iron age.  One of the graves was the grave of the Hammerum Girl.  The significance of this is that the dress is considered to be the best preserved dress in Denmark from the Iron Age.  In the photo, you can see the girl's hair was braided and fashioned up.

To watch the video of a recreation of how this dress was possibly made, CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.  Many alpaca owners are artisan crafters that use the same techniques to make clothing.  Although most spinners in the United States use a spinning wheel instead of a drop spindle, you'll find people in less developed countries still using a drop spindle.  The same goes for the weaving techniques.  Most weavers in the US use a floor or table loom with varying number of harnesses.