Day Trips

Tour Group


We offer educational outings and tours for individuals and groups up to 70 people. Learn about the different types of fleeces and how we take care of our herd of over 100 alpacas. Also learn about processing their super soft and warm fiber. Truly an enjoyable adventure for persons of all ages.

Tours are every Monday from March 13th through November 20th, 2017.  No reservations or prescheduling required! So meet us at The Guest House and prepared to be amazed!

Tour Schedule

Every Monday–STARTS March 13, 2017!!

9:00 AM
10:30 AM

$3 per person
Children under 2 Free

Tour Tips

Plan to spend about an hour touring the facility and learning all about these amazing animals.
Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes, as we will be walking out in the pastures and through the barns.
Get up close, have your photo taken, and give the alpacas a handful of hay or grain. Even sneak a hug!

We really enjoy watching visitors when they see and touch our alpacas for the first time. Most people are utterly amazed at the softness and sheer amount of fleece. Everyone loves to warm their hands by sinking them into that soft and warm fleece! After that, most people are surprised at their gentle nature and curiosity. If you stand still, the alpacas will come over to say hello and maybe nibble on your shoe or hair. And if you bend over, the little boy alpacas especially like to climb on your back and whisper in your ear! One thing for sure – you’ll be glad you stopped by for a visit.

See how a group of visitors enjoyed meeting the alpacas!