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Alpaca Shearing Workshop Was A Successful Weekend!

Our Annual Learn to Shear Alpacas Workshop was held this past weekend at Long Acres Alpaca Farm.

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It's Time to Unlink Alpaca Importation from It's Economic Appendage

Recent discussions on Facebook about the alpaca registry, which cascaded into a debate on alpaca importation, have spurred me to express my thoughts.  Some of the discussions become misinterpreted due partially to the lack of

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Our Farm Through a Ten Year-Old's Eyes

My nephew wrote the below story for school.  I'm glad he left out the part about riding in the pickup spitting out sunflower hulls!

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AEGW Healthy Alpaca Herd Weekend

Healthy Alpaca Herd WeekendOctober 5 & 6, 2019Long Acres Alpaca Farm

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Alpaca Registration: Help or Hindrance to our Alpaca Industry Growth?

QUESTION:  “I am curious about registration. How many of you do not register your animals? How do those of you who do feel about those who do not? Does it hurt the industry?”

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AOA Member Satisfaction Survey 2019

Below is my response to the AOA Member Satisfaction Survey 2019 that I received on February 7, 2019.  Have you done your part to respond?

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5 Alpaca Education Getaway Weekends!!!!

Cinco C's Alpacas and Long Acres Alpaca Farm are combining their efforts and offering FIVE Alpaca Education Getaway Weekends in 2019!  Here's your opportunity to learn from two enthusiastic and experienced alpaca farmers as they share their knowledge.  Together they have accumulated 36 years of experience in raising alpacas and developing their business.   Each weekend is $200 per participant ($300 for two persons from the same farm) and there are bonuses with each weekend such as:

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