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Testimonial from former partner and judge

"I have known Sarah and Mike Donahoe since they began their alpaca journey, and it's been remarkable watching their farm grow.   They mastered every aspect of the alpaca business, from animal husbandry to pasture management, producing excellent stock, and creating viable end products with fiber and meat.   They are genuine alpaca farmers.  

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Testimonial from Alpaca Owner and Client

"Simply put; anything to do with alpaca's from buying/selling, breeding, birthing, feeding, herd health, farm layout, fiber and the terminal market; she is the most qualified and accessible individual on the east coast. "

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Testimonial by Family new to alpacas

"Long Acres Alpaca Farm is an amazing experience with comfortable accommodations and a feeling like you have gone back in time. Local fixings were there and Sarah spent a day and a half walking us through alpaca care care and fiber processing. She gave us nutrition tips for the animals and taught us how to gauge their weight. This was a fantastic experience that made us all want to come back for more."Toby E. and family

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Testimonial from Workshop Participant and Alpaca Owner

"Sarah is most likely the most knowledgeable person out there in the alpaca world about alpacas, their behavior, care and medical management. Sarah is very approachable and very willing to give advice and guidance to anyone in need. Sarahs seminars are full of important information on any topic in a fun and engaging presentation from Alpaca 101 to Cria birthing and care. They are not to be missed for the newbie alpaca owner and experienced owners as well for updates on current care and...

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Testimonial from Fellow Alpaca Breeder

"I highly recommend taking any of the classes Sarah offers throughout the year.  She is a wonderful, patient instructor with a wealth of knowledge she’s ready to share.  The information is presented in an organized manor with handouts to refer to during and after the classes and she provides what I call "after care" for questions that come up after you leave the farm.Her guest house is welcoming, clean and neat and provides every comfort plus it is conveniently right on the farm.  Well worth...

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Testimonial from A Client and Wonderful Shepherd!

"I met Sarah about five years ago after my daughter bought a female alpaca on an online auction.  We needed help with shearing, and Sarah not only welcomed us to bring Sparkle for her shearing day, but she also sent us home with two girlfriends for Sparkle!  Over the past few years, Sarah has been just a phone call away when I have needed anything from fiber processing questions to shearing to medical emergencies.  When one of my girls got sick a couple years ago, Sarah was able to support me...

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Testimonial from a Workshop Participant

"I’ve attended four of Sarah’s educational seminars on everything from herd health to breeding. Her wealth of knowledge about both the alpaca industry and the alpacas themselves is extraordinary. I’ve learned so much from her and would highly recommend contacting her for educational workshops. She imparts her incredible knowledge in a dynamic and oftentimes hands on approach that is amazing. Her workshops are equally relevant to both newcomers and seasoned alpaca owners. I look forward to...

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Testimonial From a Sheep and Alpaca Farm Owner

"Sarah literally saved my alapaca's life. We got our amazing fiber alpacas from her in 2017 and she has been a mentor and friend, helping us with questions and issues that have come up. But when I saw one of my alpacas acting oddly, she came to our farm to check on him. It turned out he had m-worm and her quick recognition of it, giving us meds from her own supplies until the vet could come out the next day, and constant support saved his life. I could never express my gratitude enough for her...

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Testimonial from a Highly Respected Alpaca Expert & Breeder

“Sarah’s combination of alpaca husbandry expertise, business acumen, and a willingness to share both with the rest of us have made her an incredibly valuable resource for the alpaca community.  I am an ongoing beneficiary of her vision for alpaca farming, and happy to count her as both an advisor and a friend.”Warmly,Lynn

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Testimonial from an Internationally Renowned Alpaca Expert

"In my thirty years in the alpaca business both here in the US and in Australia I have met and worked with many people but none, I am pleased to say, as committed to the ideals of best practice alpaca breeding and fiber production and industry development.Working with Sarah is always interesting and enquiring which illustrates her willingness to listen and contribute at all levels of conversation.

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