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Thoughts on the Alpaca Industry 2014

I have been in the alpaca business for nine years and have been a supporter of the alpaca industry on multiple levels. I was prompted to write in response to the cover of the recent edition of Alpaca Culture featuring alpaca as meat. This is not to fault Alpaca Culture for covering the topic. In fact I applaud you for putting it in print. However I would like to address alpaca meat’s role in the overall alpaca industry in the US as of 2014.

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Alpaca Scarves---not just for the WINTER!

I would venture to say that if I asked 100 people to describe an alpaca scarf, 99 would describe it as warm...and the single outlier might say hot. Most would say soft, a few would say expensive or luxurious. But few would say cool or lightweight. Alpaca fiber is not just for the cold. It's an ideal fiber for summer months!

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No snow for Whitetail Ski Resort....now what to do!?!?!?!?

Unseasonably warm weather for Mercersburg, located in south central PA. I can count two groups that might be complaining.....my alpacas and Whitetail Ski Resort. Whitetail Ski Resort doesn't need actual snowfall as most of their snow is manmade, but it does need colder temperatures, especially at night. So what to do if you can't go skiing, snowboarding, or tubing?

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New clothing arrivals just in time for the holidays!

Gorgeous clothing available NOW at Pachallina--all from Natural Fibers such as wool, alpaca, silk, bamboo, pima cotton AND all Made in USA or Free Trade AND all on sale! Save up to 40% your purchase of $100 or more....save 10% on purchases $100 or under! Now through December 31st!

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Get Ready for the BIG SALE at PACHALLINA!

We hope you'll join us for some post-Thanksgiving fun!

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Thoughts on the Alpaca Industry 2015

I grew up in rural south-central PA, the largest town in the county boasted a population of 1200. My father was a large and small animal veterinarian and for fifty years, he was the only vet in our county. His practice varied greatly, everything from dairy cows, to iguanas, and even a bear.

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Things We're Thankful For...

This advertisement came to me from Shoptiques, an E-Commerce site where we offer a limited selection of Pachallina's clothing. While I'm grateful for the many conveniences we have today, there's a bit of nostalgia longing for the days when stores were closed on Sundays and "going shopping" was an infrequent and major event.

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Goetz Wedding at The Guest House

Perfect day....beautiful couple.....wonderful friends....The Guest House is available for weddings and other memorable events!

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Joint Abnormalities in Newborn Crias

Cria Season 2015 is almost done....Cella Doro birthed out this beautiful male cria recently. However, he has Congenital/Acquired Joint Angulation Deformities.

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Score -- Alpacas 1 vs Cashmere Goats 0!!!

Let's hope alpaca fibers don't fall victim to the same pathway as the cashmere goats.  Each are unique animals with their own set of issues.  Although I must say I'm partial to alpaca!!!

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